BH 1312 Cutie 15D

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D.O.B.  9/2/16
Sire:  EF4B BH 09Y Ridge Hometown
Dam: RRR Natalie 1312

AI Date 3/23/18 - UPS Sensation 2296

Breed icons are stacked in 15D’s pedigree.  Combine this with being safe in calf to 2296, 15D offers a unique genetic package with an elegant design.  This bred heifer could pay for herself with the first calf and go on to produce in a multitude of ways.

BH 02A Empire 08E

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BH 104K Gloriana 03A

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D.O.B.  3/1/13
Sire:  BH Vortex ET
Dam: MSU BR Key Markette 104K

AI Date 6/28/18 - LCX Perfecto 11B 

Pasture Exposed 7/15/18-9/1/18 to C 5280 Kat 7138 ET

03A is a really good young cow in her prime, tracing back to Keynote genetics that have been in demand for years.  03A offspring have been in demand too, as we have sold all of her females into production.  Proven quality in this one!

Owned with: Edenburn Family Farms

Larry and Julie Benedict
34227 ECR 1000N
Mason City, IL 62664

Chad, Becky, Noah, Caleb, Fatih
605 CR 2300 N
Dewey, IL 61840

Chad -217-246-5099
Noah - 217-372-8009

Nicole, Rylee, Bryden, Aidyn

Toby and Kimberly

BH 120X Haley 14B

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D.O.B.  7/1/14
Sire:  BH Kingsize 20Y
Dam: AF Optima Time 120X

AI Date 6/19/18 - Perfect Timing 0150ET

14B was a division winner at the ISF.  Her first calf was Faith’s first show heifer and has been shown very successfully at multiple shows the past 2 years.  If you are looking for a cow that produces that show ring presence and puts a lot into her calf, then 14B is a cow to consider.  Keeping Faith’s heifer for production, which allows us to offer this really good young cow.


Benedict Herefords - For Sale

AF 196T 120X Missy T-Bone 3038

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​D.O.B.  2/16/13

Sire:  Harvie Dan T-Bone

Dam: AF Optima Time 120X

AI Date - 3/23/18 -UPS Sensation 2296

3038 is a cow that combines power, performance, and maternal power.  Study her pedigree and you will find a proven genetics that are producing across the country.  Analyze her Time’s a Wastin’ steer calf, you can tell she packs a punch in raising one. To top it off, he is extremely gentle just like his mamma.  Great show steer prospect. She is safe in calf to 2296. How good could that one be? There was a little disagreement in the family on whether to sell 3038 or not, but tuition to the University of Illinois is calling.  We want to offer our best and this T-Bone daughter, with a gorgeous utter and stout steer prospect is our top cut.  Picture of Steer coming soon.


AR BH 95 Fox Lady D10

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D.O.B.  5/3/2016
Sire:  JDH Wyarno 95ET
Dam: BH Enuff Of A Lady 10U ET

Pasture Exposed to AR Double Time D41A - 5/19/18 - 7/20/18

Observed bred on 5/30/18

The proof is in this package and this young cow has unlimited potential.  As a first calf heifer, D10 has done a great job of putting everything into her calf.  Her design is what has been trending in the show ring today. A great future for this pair.

Owned with: Apple Ridge Farms

BH WH 21P Destiny 04D ET

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D.O.B.  2/10/16
Sire: CRR About Time 743
Dam: LaGrand Dixie 21P

Pasture Exposed to WH T-Bone 201Z 1/1/18-2/15/18

This About Time mating is proving to be interesting.  A full sib was the top seller in the Genetics Improver Sale and another full sib was a division winner at the World Beef Expo, Illinois Preview Show, and Illinois State Fair.  About Time semen is limited. Here is your chance to buy into proven genetics.

Owned with: Winans Herefords

Illini Top Cut Sale
September 16, 2018 - Macomb, IL. 
Check out our consignments to the Illini Top Cut Sale

Picture Coming Soon

Cattle for sale at all times of the year.  Please contact us for how we can help you.

AR BH 7C Miss Foxy 110F

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D.O.B.  4/20/18
Sire:  AR 167U Renegade 7C ET
Dam: AR BH 95 Foxy Lady D10

Owned with: Apple Ridge Farms

Picture Coming Soon

BH 15B Jamie 16D

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D.O.B.  9/10/16
Sire:  MSU TCF Revolution 4R
Dam: BH 10U Jacqueline 15B

AI Date 4/4/18 - UPS Sensation 2296

The maternal value of Revolution females is well documented.

16D’s dam was our top seller in the Top Cut Sale last year! 16D is bred to the popular 2296 and is due at the end of January.  A great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of genetics that work.

D.O.B.  6/1/17

Sire:  JDH Wyarno 95 ET

Dam: BH 04Y True Power 02A

Empire was Reserve Division at the 2018 JNHE and Reserve Champion Bull at the Illinois State Fair.  His Dam is a phenomenal True Grit daughter that is proving herself to be an elite cow.  Stout, muscle, and style and describe Empire.  He is For Sale!  Contact us for details!